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Verizon Connect helps fleet managers to manage their workforces, vehicles, valuable machinery, field technicians, and much more — in near real-time.

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Verizon Connect is the market-leader in fleet & workforce management, working with its clients to better connect systems and people, using the latest, cutting-edge technological breakthroughs to drive improvement in the sector.


Forget what you think you know about fleet management tech. The Verizon Connect platform leads the industry with its advanced integration across the enterprise's logistics function. Connect drivers' on-road manners with telemetry, enhance vehicle ECM systems with technologies like video AI, and share last-mile delivery metrics with supply chain partners and customers.


Logistics management solutions from Verizon Connect are the last word in cutting-edge technologies in this space. With pressure on the sector mounting and many looking to expand their capabilities, the Verizon Connect technology platform is the best way to scale your operations and cut ahead of the competition.


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Fleet management and workforce solutions that are streets ahead